What is Ling Shu Acupuncture?

Ling Shu (靈樞), translated as Spiritual Pivot, is the name of the earliest acupuncture book in history, published in approximately 200 BC. This text explains the theory of meridians integral to acupuncture, outlining how each part of the body is connected to each other. More practically, the text also discusses how to balance and adjust each meridian in various clinical cases. Ling Shu is a foundational text for acupuncture as a whole; thus, it is also referred to as Acupuncture Canon (針經). 

Popular knowledge associates acupuncture almost exclusively with pain relief; however, based on Ling Shu, acupuncture can treat a whole host of illnesses and problems. Ling Shu Acupuncture clinic is deeply connected to this understanding of acupuncture as a way to engage with body health in a holistic sense.  

The theory of Ling Shu is profound, and the language used is difficult to comprehend. Although many doctors and scholars have studied the book over the centuries, only a small portion of Ling Shu has truly been understood.

Motivated by professional passion, I have been dedicated to the study of  Ling Shu since 1997. In 2003, I released the first Ling Shu Seminar (靈樞講座) to share my studies with other acupuncturists. In 2005, I co-authored and published a comprehensive research book, Ling Shu Acupuncture (靈樞針灸). I gradually began to understand the theory and apply Ling Shu to clinical practice.

The results were incredible. Many difficult cases that failed when treated by other types of acupuncture or modern medicine were successfully cured through Ling Shu acupuncture. Ling Shu acupuncture has successfully treated illnesses such as diabetes, multiple scelerosis (MS), muscular atrophy, and many others. 

I have applied Ling Shu throughout the years to clinical practice, while continuing to research and study. For futher information regarding Ling Shu, my research/publicationsthe clinic, and specialties, please explore the rest of the website. 

Welcome to Ling Shu Acupuncture. 

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